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Welcome to Fackler Farms Transport where we strive to provide a safe, easy, and comfortable transport for your horse.

What to expect:

Fackler Farms Transport provides prompt pickup and delivery. Alfalfa hay is provided and constantly available during transport. If you would like to send a bale of your own hay, you are more than welcome to do so. Water infused with Horse Quenchers, a mix of all natural grains and flavorings,to encourage horses to drink eagerly, is offered every 4 hours. 

Constant communication:

Fackler Farms Transport drivers are available for contact at any point during your horse's transport. Transport updates are constantly communicated through text, phone call, or email throughout out the trip. Horses are unloaded every night at a layover facility. Each horse receives a private stall to rest in for the evening.  Fackler Farms will send you a picture of your horse settled in their stall safe and comfortable each night.

Fackler Farms Equipment:

The Featherlite trailer is equipped with thick rubber mats and low dust shavings to cushion your horse's ride.The slant dividers have rubber mats that extend all the way to the floor to prevent contact between horses. The rubber mats at the bottom of the slant dividers also prevent miniature horses and ponies from going underneath the slant dividers.  For horses that can comfortably stand tied during transport, Tie Safe trailer ties designed to safely release your horse if the need arises. 

Feel free to put in the special requests section of the request a quote form if your horse is very young or unable to stand tied. Fackler Farms will then contact you with other options available for your horse.


Q: What paperwork do I need for my horse's transport?

A: A current Coggins test (most Coggins are good for a year, but some states require within 6 months), a health certificate (good for 30 days), and some states require a brand inspection. Be sure to check the requirements for the state your horse is traveling from and to. Horses that do not have the required paperwork upon our arrival, will not be transported.

Q: How do I book my horse's transport?

A: First you will need to request a quote. Then if you would like to book the transport, respond to the quote and confirm your transport. You will then be emailed an electronic contract from eSign. A 50% deposit is also due at the time of booking to hold your spot on the trailer. Once the contract and deposit have been received, your transport is booked.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We require a 50% deposit at booking and the other 50% is due at delivery. We accept deposits via PayPal or credit card. Final payments at delivery are accepted via PayPal, cash, or credit card.

Q: Can I contact the person that is hauling my horse while it is being transported?

A: Yes, you are welcome to contact us any time during your horse’s transport. We also provide pictures and updates each evening once we have stopped for the night and have the horses settled in at the horse motel.

Q: Do I need to be there when my horse is picked up/dropped off?

A: Yes, someone must be on site to meet us when the horse is picked up or dropped off.

Q: Are horses fed and watered during the transport?

A:Yes, we provide alfalfa and coastal hay throughout your horse’s transport. You are welcome to send a bale of your own hay if you would like. We stop every three to four hours and offer Horse Quenchers infused water to encourage the horses to drink more. If you would like your horse to have grain during the transport, you are welcome to send your grain clearly labeled with your horse’s name and feeding instructions. Owner provided grain will be given each evening at the horse motel. 

Q: Is my horse insured during the transport?

A: Yes, $2,000 Mortality Insurance is covered on each horse. If you would like additional insurance or travel insurance for your horse, contact an equine insurance agent.

Q: Are you DOT Authorised?

A: Yes. DOT#2845283 MC#953799

Q: Are the drivers CDL holders?

A: Yes.

Q: Will you transport my horse that I just purchased from a kill pen?

A: No, that is considered a dirty load and we do not offer dirty load transports. The horse would need to be quarantined out of the kill pen for at least 30 days and cleared of all illnesses before we would be able to transport it.

Q: Do you offer discounts/fill rates?

A: We do offer discounts for multiple horses being shipped from and to the same location. A “fill rate” means the first few horses on the trailer are charged full price and the last couple of spots are sold at a significant discount. We feel this is extremely unethical and unfair to our clients so we do not offer “fill rates”. Although we work with rescue horses regularly, we do not offer a discount because the horse is a rescue. We also do not offer a discount for miniature horses, as they require their own space in the trailer just like a full size horse.

Q: Do you haul large/draft horse?

A: Yes, we have safely hauled horses as tall as 19hh.

Q: Do you have references?

A: Yes, please visit our Facebook page.

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