Horse Quarantine Services

Equine Quarantine Services

Whether you are needing quarantine due to an illness, a recent purchase, or a rescue horse, we can provide a relaxing place for your horse to recover in isolation.

What to expect:

Horses are monitored closely for fever or other signs of illness. Weatherford Equine is who we use for the horse's vet care while they are in quarantine. We also have an excellent local farrier available as needed.

During quarantine we provide Bryant 14% horse pelleted grain, alfalfa, and coastal. We can also assist in refeeding emaciated horses. For horses that have recently been rescued and are being quarantined for 30 days, we include a dewormer and a new halter and lead rope.

Our Facility:

We offer stalls and one acre pastures where your horse will not be in contact with any other horses. Stalls, buckets, and water troughs are thoroughly sanitized between horses.


Q: Will my horse have contact with other horses while in quarantine?

A: No, horses are kept completely isolated while in quarantine. With the exception of a mare with a foal at her side, we do not recommend quarantining horses together, as it significantly raises the likelihood of them getting sick.

Q: Why would my horse need to be quarantined?

A: There are many reasons why a horse might need quarantine. Such as, a new horse you have recently purchased to ensure it is healthy when you bring it into your barn. Or if one of you horses starts showing signs of illness and you want to remove it from your barn to prevent the illness from spreading.

We also quarantine rescue horses that have been saved from kill pens. These horses have been exposed to a lot of different horses and there is no way to know what diseases the horse you are rescuing has been exposed to. We highly recommend quarantining these horses for at least 30 days before exposing them to other horses or transporting out of state.

Q: Can I visit my horse during quarantine?

A: Yes, you are welcome to visit during your horse's stay.

Q: How often will I be updated on my horse’s condition?

A: We will update you anytime there are any changes, such as a fever, symptoms improving/worsening, changes in meds, and vet visits. You are also welcome to contact us anytime to check on your horse. We will also provide pictures and videos of your horse on request.

For rescue horses, we also provide an intake evaluation. We take detailed pictures, evaluate their temperament, check their temperature, and check for any health issues that may require vet attention.

Q: What is included with quarantine?

A: We feed alfalfa, coastal, and 14% pelleted horse feed twice a day. You are also welcome to send your own grain with your horse if you would like.

For rescue horses, we also include a dewormer and a new halter and lead rope if the horse stays for 30 days.


Q: Do you have a vet and farrier available?

A: Yes, we use Weatherford Equine Medical Center and Joe Yoder is our farrier. These services are available at cost to the owner.

Q: Where will my horse be kept while in quarantine?

A: We have quarantine stalls and private 1 acre pastures. Depending on your horse’s condition and our availability will determine if your horse is stalled or turned out.

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